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DVI cable (Digital Visual Interface): DVI cable is a connection cable used to transmit digital video signals, and is commonly used in the connection between computers and monitors.Supports high-resolution image transmission, including 1080p and higher resolutions.DVI cables are usually divided into single connection (DVI-D), dual connection (DVI-I) and analog (DVI-A), which are suitable for various video output and display applications.

DisplayPort cable It is a high-performance video connection standard. DP cable is used to connect computers, monitors, TVs and other video devices.Supports high-resolution image transmission, including 4K and 8K resolution, and can transmit high-quality audio signals.It has high bandwidth and high-speed transmission capabilities, enabling fast video and audio transmission, and supports multi-monitor connections.With hot-swappable function, supports charging and operating external devices

D-SUB Cable (D-SUB line): D-SUB cable is a multi-functional connecting cable, usually used to connect computer equipment and external devices such as monitors, printers and keyboards.It has reliable connectivity and good anti-interference performance.

VGA Monitor Cable (VGA screen cable): VGA screen cable is a common connection cable used to connect a computer and a monitor.It supports analog video signals, providing reliable image transmission and is suitable for older computers and monitors.

Audio Triple RCA Cable: Audio three-color cable is a common connecting cable used to transmit audio signals.It usually consists of red, white and yellow RCA plugs, corresponding to left channel, right channel and composite video signal respectively.

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