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Deeply engaged in Taiwan's customized electronic wire processing and connector fields for more than 30 years

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King Lai Electornics Co.,Ltd.
Jing Zan Internation Co., Ltd

Address: Floor 1.2, No. 61-7, Fuxing Road, Keelung City
Phone: +886-2-2437-1118
Mobile: +886-920261588
Fax: +886-2-2437-6885

International Certifications and Regulations

Excellent supplier in the electronics industry | 'Certification' 'Verification' 'Inspection' 'Testing'
King Lai Electronics has passed various important certifications and tests to ensure the quality of customized wires and meet European and American wire quality requirements, including HDMI Association certification, CE and UL certification, ISO9001:2015 and IATF 16949 and other certificates.It has international certifications such as UL, IPC, CE, CSA, and MFi. It has more than 30 years of experience in wire product quality, production and customization, and is one of the excellent suppliers certified by major international manufacturers.
Company Overview / About us

Jinlai Electronic Wire Processing and Connector Manufacturing Leader

Customized wire processing ODM/OEM with more than 30 years of OEM experience.Jinlai Electronics' business and engineering team quickly meet customer needs from project initiation to engineering drawings and sample production.Standardized production parameters and SOP allow customized production in a stable manner.We have an RD department to solve all the intractable problems of wires from design to application, and provide customers with professional solutions.

In addition to wire processing, it is also an assembly factory that produces computer cables, communication transmission wires, connectors and wire wiring. Jinlai Electronics has ISO 9001:2015, UL, IPC and other international certifications, and strictly controls the quality of electronic processing and production processes. control, becoming one of the major suppliers in the global European and American electronic wire OEM market.

What we are proud of is not only standardized production, but also professional design and processing of special customized products.With over thirty years of experience, we specialize in special needs to ensure that each customer's unique needs and specifications are best met.
Choose Jinlai Electronics to meet customer R&D needs.

Diversified products to meet your requirements

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Electronic cable sets, power cords, cables, automotive wiring, isolation cables, network cables, audio cables, cables, flexible cables, security control cables, pin headers, FPC, FFC sockets, connectors, D-USB, USB , KT5E, LVDS, RCA, 1394, HDMI, DVI, USB3.0, SATA 7P, SATA 15P, SATA 7+15P, MINI SAA 4I 26P, MINI SAA 4I 29P, PIC-E SCSI CABLE
For customer development and design product testing
Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mainland China, and export shipments (13% tax, factory transfer) can all be processed

Professional production, giving you the best competitiveness

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Jinlai Electronics has about 30 employees and is a leader in integrating wire processing and connectors.
The first factory in mainland China specializes in molding and assembly, and the second factory in mainland China specializes in making terminal wires and assembling finished products.
At present, Taiwan and mainland China have been connected to specialize in the production of electronic wire sets, giving you the best competitiveness.
Produces power cords and related components according to national safety standards, such as: American UL, EU VDE, British BSI, Australian SAA, Japanese PSE, Taiwan BSMI, etc.
Production and testing equipment / Production and Testing Equipment

King Lai Electornics Co.,Ltd.

address: Floor 1.2, No. 61-7, Fuxing Road, Keelung City
Telephone: +886-2-2437-1118
cell phone: +886-920261588
Mainland factory cell phone: +86-13603036800

King Lai Electornics Co.,Ltd.

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