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USB3.1/M TO USB3.1/M long cable


USB3.1/M TO USB3.1/M long cable

USB3.1 Type-C male/female extension cable 1M male and female transmission cable charging cable
  Made using the latest USB3.1 technology
◆ USB3.1 Type-C male connector size 8.25x2.4mm
◆ The USB3.1 Type-C plug has 24PIN and can be plugged forward or reversely.
◆ Transmission interface with better functions, performance and usability
◆ Can be used on tablets, mobile phones and computers with USB3.1 interface
Supports 3A super current charging
USB3.1 fast charging/data transfer cable
1. Supports existing USB transmission, USB 3.1/ 3.0/ 2.0/ 1.1
2. Small size, 8.3 mm x 2.5 mm
3. High ease of use, supports double-sided insertion, no need to distinguish front and back, can be easily inserted. Long life, durability up to 10,000 times.
4. Supports higher power supply current than the original USB 3.1 900mA. Supports Power Delivery (PD) variable voltage and current power supply, supporting up to 100W power supply. PD power supply supports reverse power supply, making power consumption more flexible and convenient.

EU regulations will start in 2024 for smartphones, iPad tablets, speakers, digital cameras, headphones, game consoles, e-book readers, mice, keyboards, and other electronic products
All must adopt Type-C (USB-C) charging standards and protocols. Laptops sold in the EU in 2026 must also be equipped with Type-C (USB-C) ports to reduce electronic waste and allow consumers to use them. more convenient.

Competitive Price:
Place of Origin: Taiwan
Sales Method: Export, Manufacture, OEM/ODM
Payment Term: T/T, L/C
Safety/Quality Approvals: Quality system meets ISO 9002 standard & UL verification

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