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Standard D-SUB VGA 15P male-male screen cable

  • King Lai

Standard D-SUB VGA 15P male-male screen cable

Product Description:
* D-Sub 15 position plug-in (VGA): This port is typically used to connect analog display devices, such as older VGA monitors or projectors. It contains 15 small holes divided into three rows and secured with screws. VGA is typically used for lower resolution and analog video signals.
* DVI-A plug-in: DVI-A (Digital Visual Interface - Analog) is a digital video interface, but it can only transmit analog video signals and does not support digital signals. DVI-A plug-ins are typically used to connect DVI-enabled devices, such as some older computers and monitors, and can only transmit analog video.
* High Density (HD) Monitor Extension Cable: This cable is designed to connect VGA (D-Sub 15 position plug-in) and DVI-A plug-in to achieve signal transmission and expansion. High density refers to a higher density of sockets, which can provide more connection points in a smaller space.
* Purpose: The main purpose of this cable is to connect different video input and output devices to interconnect VGA monitors or projectors with DVI-enabled devices. This is especially useful when you need to use a newer digital signal input device to connect to an older VGA display device.
The D-Sub 15 Position Plug-in to DVI-A Plug-in High Density (HD) Monitor Extension Cable is a convenient tool for video signal conversion and expansion, making connections between different video interfaces easy Easier.
The D-Sub 15 Position Plug-in to DVI-A Plug-in High Density (HD) Monitor Extension Cable is a 2919 compliant VGA 15P male-to-male cable specifically designed for VGA monitors with DVI-A plug-in Supports the connection of devices with the following features and uses:
*. Comply with the 2919 specification VGA 15P male-male screen dedicated cable: Complying with the 2919 specification means that this connection line has passed the corresponding standard specifications to ensure that the quality and performance reach a certain level. This is a dedicated cable for VGA monitors, suitable for various devices that support VGA.
*.Additional magnetic ring to prevent interference and noise, and ensure stable signal transmission: Equipped with a magnetic ring, it can effectively prevent noise and interference, ensure stable signal transmission, and ensure that the image quality is not disturbed.
*.Support HD 720P image quality 1280×720: Provides resolution up to 720P and supports 1280×720 image quality, allowing you to enjoy clear and lifelike images, especially suitable for audio-visual entertainment and projection needs.
*. Shielded foam coaxial cable, compliant with 2919 specification: Use shielded foam coaxial cable, compliant with 2919 specification. This structure helps reduce signal interference and improve signal quality.
*.D-SUB standard specifications, high resolution, clear picture quality: Complying with D-SUB standard specifications, it has high resolution, ensuring detailed and clear pictures, and providing users with a high-quality visual experience.
*.Wide range of application: This connection cable is suitable for a variety of devices, including laptops, desktop computers, TV boxes, synchronization distributors, LCD TVs, LCD screens, projectors, etc., to meet the connection needs in different scenarios .
D-Sub 15 position plug-in standard specification, anti-interference technology and high image quality support provide users with a reliable connection solution, allowing VGA monitors to seamlessly connect with various modern devices to achieve high-quality image transmission.

Competitive Price:
Place of Origin: Taiwan
Sales Method: Export, Manufacture, OEM/ODM
Payment Term: T/T, L/C
Safety/Quality Approvals: Quality system meets ISO 9002 standard & UL verification

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