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Automobile source line

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Automobile source line  
Automotive wires are suitable for harsh environments with high vibration and high oil and gas. They are used in cars, motorcycles and even various transportation vehicles; while UL electronic wires are mainly used in static electronic product wiring.
Automobile energy-saving wire is a wire specially designed for automobile electrical systems, aiming to improve the energy efficiency of automobiles and reduce energy consumption.These wires are made from high-performance materials that typically have excellent electrical conductivity and durability, allowing them to maintain stable performance under various automotive operating conditions.Automobile source-saving cables can effectively reduce the loss of electrical energy and improve energy utilization, thereby reducing the energy consumption and emissions of automobiles, helping to reduce the impact on the environment while improving the performance and reliability of automobiles.This makes the automotive power cord one of the indispensable and important components in modern automotive electrical systems.

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Country of Origin: Taiwan
Sales method: manufacturing, exporting
Sales target market: Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong

competitive characteristics
Unique designs or logos accepted: Special designs or logos accepted
Diverse designs: King Lai Electornics Co.,Ltd. provides diversified designs for automotive power cords
Automobile source line accepts original factory commissioned design and manufacturing ODM
Automobile source line accepts original factory entrustment for OEM manufacturing

King Lai Electornics Co.,Ltd.

address: Floor 1.2, No. 61-7, Fuxing Road, Keelung City
Telephone: +886-2-2437-1118
cell phone: +886-920261588
Mainland factory cell phone: +86-13603036800

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