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Network cable series

  • King Lai

Network cable series
Product Description :
● Type: There are two main types of network cables: Ethernet and optical fiber network cables. Ethernet cables are typically used in general home and office environments, while fiber optic cables are used for high-speed data transmission over long distances.
● Transmission rate: The transmission rate of a network line is an important indicator to measure its performance. Common rates include 10/100/1000 Mbps (gigabits per second, i.e. Gigabit network) and 10 Gbps (gigabits per second, i.e. billion network).
● Standards: Network cables usually need to comply with specific standards. For example, Ethernet cables need to comply with the IEEE 802.3 standard. Different standards may have different transmission rates and characteristics.
● Connector type: Network cable connectors usually include RJ-45 and optical connectors. RJ-45 is a common Ethernet connector, while optical connectors are used in fiber optic networks.
● Anti-interference ability: High-quality network cables should have good anti-interference ability to ensure stable operation in high electromagnetic interference environments.
● Length: The length of the network cable is also an important consideration, because too long a cable may affect signal stability and transmission rate.

EU regulations will start in 2024 for smartphones, iPad tablets, speakers, digital cameras, headphones, game consoles, e-book readers, mice, keyboards, and other electronic products
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Phone: +886-917261588
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