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Sample 9 Car cable

  • Sample 9
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Vincent - Sample 9 OEM / ODM

There are two types of automotive wires: high-voltage wires and low-voltage wires
The car cable is a kind of connection cable inside the car, which can be used for current transmission such as batteries, meters, and lights. The requirements of the automotive wire will be biased towards cold and high temperature resistance
Car cable is different from ordinary household cables. Common household wires are copper single-core wires with a certain degree of hardness. The automotive wires are all copper multi-core flexible wires. Several or even dozens of flexible copper wires are wrapped in a plastic insulating tube (PVC), which is soft and not easy to break. Due to the particularity of the automobile industry, the manufacturing process of the automobile wire is more special than other ordinary wires. There are two types of automotive wires: high-voltage wires and low-voltage wires, both of which are processed with copper multi-core flexible wires. The wire cross-sectional area is mainly selected according to its working current. For electrical appliances that produce very small currents, in order to ensure that the wires should have a certain mechanical strength, the cross-sectional area of ​​the wires should not be less than 0.5mm2
The selection principle of automobile wire is determined according to the degree of insulation of the wire, the current passing through and the required mechanical strength. Electrical equipment that works for a long time can choose wires with an actual carrying capacity of 60%; electrical equipment that works for a short time can choose wires with an actual carrying capacity of 60% to 100%. The automotive electrical system belongs to low-voltage power supply, with large working current and large voltage loss.
Quality certification: Passed IS-9001, UL certification
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Add: 2F, No. 61-7, Fusing Rd., Keelung, Taiwan.
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