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Sample 17 USB3.0 AM/AM (Round)

  • Sample 17
USB 3.0 CABLE - Sample 17  USB3.0 AM/AM (Round) OEM / ODM

  • USB3.0AM/AM  L=0.5M
  • USB3.0AM/AM  L=1M
  • USB3.0AM/AM  L=1.5M
  • USB3.0AM/AM  L=1.8M
  • USB3.0AM/AM  L=2M
  • USB3.0AM/AM  L=3M
  • USB3.0AM/AM  L=4M
  • USB3.0AM/AM  L=5M
  Passed IS-9001, UL certification
USB3.0 transfer rate
◆Multi-line length selection
◆Applicable to all hosts with USB3.0 A female interface and mobile hard disk connection
Using 4N pure copper wire core, the quality is more stable
★Transmission speed is 10 times that of USB2.0
★Triple isolation coating
★The wire body has passed UL certification
USB 3.0 supports full duplex, two for data output and two for data input. The sending list section is used for data packet transmission. The power supply standard of USB 3.0 is 900mA, which will support optical fiber transmission. Once optical fiber is used, the speed is more likely to reach 25Gbps. USB 3.0 is designed to be compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 versions, and adopts a three-level multi-layer power management technology, which can provide different power management solutions for different devices.
USB 3.0 adopts new packet routing transmission technology. The cable is designed with 8 internal lines. Except for VBus and GND as power supply lines, the remaining 3 pairs are data transmission lines. Two compatible USB 2.0 lines, D+ and D-, are reserved. SSRX and SSTX have been added specifically for the new version.
The A interface of USB 3.0 continues to use the same size scheme as the previous version, but the internal contacts have changed.

Competitive Price:
Place of Origin: Taiwan
Sales Method: Export, Manufacture, Wholesale, OEM/ODM
Payment Term: T/T
Safety/Quality Approvals: Quality system meets ISO 9002 standard & UL verification

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Add: 2F, No. 61-7, Fusing Rd., Keelung, Taiwan.
Tel: +886-2-2437-1118
Fax: +886-2-2437-6885
Phone: +886-920261588
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